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About The Monring Star, Belfast



In order to appreciate the present, we must remember the past. In 1810 The Morning Star was originally a coaching stop for the Belfast to Dublin post, a place where weary travellers sought refuge and sustenance. The name “Morning Star” whispers through time, a legacy bestowed upon the establishment by the men of the old mail coach depot, their first light of day in a city still draped in slumber.

Through the gas lamps, the moon, and the stars, The Morning Star has woven a narrative that intertwines with the very fabric of Belfast. It narrowly weathered the storm of the Belfast Blitz in 1941, a resilient survivor amidst the leveled remnants of neighboring buildings. The bricks and beams, witness to history, now stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of a city and its people.

History of The Monring Star, Belfast
Morning Star Belfast, McAlisters

​Enter the present day, where the McAlisters took the reins in 1988. As fifth and sixth-generation farmers, the family understands the toil, the sweat, and the passion poured into every endeavor. This legacy is not just a business; it’s a living, breathing connection to the land and its provision. 

The Morning Star is a manifestation of that connection—a fusion of heritage and hope for the future.

Step inside, and you’ll find more than just a pub and restaurant. You’ll encounter a commit-ment to local farmers, growers, and producers, a dedication that flavours every dish with the richness of Ulster’s finest.

The beef club, a showcase of the family’s farming heritage, brings a unique dining experience, each cut a celebration of generations mastering the art of meat. But it’s not just about the beef; it’s about the land itself. The Morning Star Kitchen Garden, where herbs and veggies flourish under the watchful eyes of those who understand that true quality is born close to home. Farm to fork is not just a motto—it’s a way of life. And while they proudly support local, their ethos transcends mere miles; it’s measured in the heartbeat of the land they love.


As you savour a pint or relish a burger, you’re not just a customer; you’re welcomed into a legacy. The McAlister family’s commitment to outstanding service is not a corporate strategy; it’s an extension of their hospitality, a tradition that has been refined over centuries. This is a place where the past dances with the present, creating an atmosphere that is not just about the food and drink but an experience steeped in history and pride.

The Morning Star is more than a bar and restaurant; it's a living story.

A story of survival, of heritage, and of a future shaped by the hands that have sown the seeds and weathered storms.


So, come, be a part of this tale. Raise a glass to the past, relish the present, and toast to the future—a future where The Morning Star continues to shine as a guiding light in Belfast, a place where tradition meets the future, and where every visit is not just a meal but a journey through time and taste.

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