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Big Sexy Burgers are back!

Have you missed your weekend fix? We sure have and for one night only we are coming back. The same great team, same great burgers and even more choice of craft beer!

Yes we are going to rave about our own burgers but everyone else does too. Our new menu will be live from next week and we cant wait to see you there! "The burgers are excellent – couldn’t be faulted – but the best of the place by far was what they put on their chips."

Sometimes more is more "They’re also excellent. They’re squarely in the category of more is more, the type of burgers that can give you a headache, there’s so much stuff piled on to them, as you try to work out just how negotiate matters without half of it ending up down your front."

Date: Thursday 27th October 2022 Time: 5-10pm

Menu: Coming Soon!

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